Providing investors with specialist, genuinely independent and confidential advice to help analyse the current and future prospects for rental performance prior to investment purchase.

Many of our instructions begin when we are asked by our clients to give advice before they purchase an investment. Having correct, reliable advice at this critical stage is key, particularly in the current market.

Maximising the return on an investment is critical. A rent review in a commercial property lease happens relatively infrequently and is usually the only predictable opportunity to increase the rent during the lease. It is therefore vital to ensure a good result is achieved.

Securing the best possible lease terms, maximising the investor’s asset value and supporting investment strategy should all be prioritised when negotiating the renewal of a lease.

Always looking for opportunities to enhance investors’ asset values in everything we do. Be it improving covenant, lease term alterations, break removal or lease extensions, we will identify and fully explore all asset enhancement opportunities as part of our core service.

This can be a significant cost for owners of commercial property.  Minimising these outgoings is important but the process is complex and requires a tailored strategy to fit the situation and property in question.